Summary: This useful article  explains that how you make money to use Affiliate Banners in your free blog Blogger Affiliate banners good resources of extra income and also I have discussed advantages and disadvantages and SEO tips


By this useful and informative article you will teach that how you know  advantages and disadvantages of Affiliate banners in free blog blogger and drive traffic more.  Now I would discuss following two main points of affiliate banners ads that what is Advantages and disadvantages and how we make money through Affiliate Marketing banners in free blog blogger. In this regard please read my useful article how you earn money from Affiliate banners. Now I will discuss in  this article  very useful and bring up profitable suggestions and tips related with Affiliate banners.

1. Advantages of Affiliate Banners 

 2. Disadvantages of Affiliate Banners 

1.   Advantages of Affiliate Banners

Free blog blogger  gives very good facility to the Blog owners to add affiliate banners as an advertising in free blog blogger and earn money in dollars and other currency. To keep in mind I am discussing great points in this article that in addition to Google Adsense you can also make money from banners of others Companies, Firms etc. If you want to know about Google Adsense please read my article on Google Adsense How to add Google adsense in blogger . In this field the Affiliate Marketing is increasing day to day lot of Bloggers and Web Site owners makes as publishers. It is suggested that as a publisher when you place a banner of Affiliate program they gives you a clip of code to add on your free blog blogger template which is suitable and identify you as a publisher. In the way you can earning money if readers click on the banners of the Affiliate marketing it is depend on the program of your merchant which you have signed and in this regard you can also earning a commission or receive a percentage of the sale. Now I am giving you a simple example please consider it that your Blogger Blog gets 200 visitors in 12 hours or day. Out of that 200 persons only 5 persons purchase at about $200.00. Now look at this purchase your commission will be 10% of the sale you have just earned $20.00 easily in a day. Further I would like to discuss that earning money from affiliate banners ads you need capacity and more traffic this is very important. Now you are working and giving lot of energy to build a traffic I think it is very good practice please read my article how to  to increase traffic to your free blog blogger quickly. If you have got more traffic your chance will be surely to earn some percentage from the selling items of the Affiliate Marketing program. If you want to earn more money from Affiliate banners click here.

2.  Disadvantages of Affiliate banners

It is very harmful too many banners on you Blogger Blog it gives the impression to your visitors that your free blog blogger only earning for money I think this is wrong procedure. Do not overload with too much advertising it will overshadow or detract from the content of your Blogger Blog. Remember less is more so place your banners ads strategically on your Blogger Blog. You should be have a small cluster about 4 banner ads typically 125x125 anywhere literally close to the top in the sidebar and a 468x60 banner in the header. The header is a major place for successful banners advertising movement. Fore more guidance read my article how you add affiliate banner in blogger header . Main difficulty with affiliate banners is that they give confidence visitors to leave your Blog and as we all recognize one of the hardest jobs is to draw the visitors in the first place. So I advice you that do not place more ads on your free blog blogger you chose only that looking better to the others. 

I hope this comprehensive article on Advantages of Affiliate banners in fre blog blogger will be very helpful and informative for beginners, New Blogspot owners, visitors and readers who want to earn money by Affiliate Marketing banners. If you have adjusted affiliate banners properly as a result you will be earning money easily through this procedure. if you like it please leave your comment.

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