How we can easily add email link below each blogger post! Summary: This article teaches you that how you add email link below of every blogger post easily and also you want to to introduce your blogger blog to visitors and readers and persons contact you through the link of your email about to know more information your blogger posts.
By this useful article you teach that how you add email link below of every blogger post easily. Lot of visitors and readers want to contact you and asking you something about your blogger posts, you can insert your email link below of your posts. Now following instructions and suggestions about how to add email link to blogger blog easily. This is very simple and useful to introduce your blogger blog online. Now read the following suggestions and instructions about how to add your email in link below of each blogger post.1.

First you require image of your email link, now I am going to introduce following useful link you can make make free email link and image URL.Link http://services.nexodyne.com/email
1. Now open the above link, enter your email link in the vacant box and then generate your email link very easily, if you you want to take more guidance follow the picture has given below:
2. Now go to www. blogger.com then Blogger Dasbhoard. Design, EditHTML where you want to include your email link, first backup the template by clicking on Download Full Template link. Then put a check in Expanded widgets Template and press Ctr+F command and search the following code line in your blogger template

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