you can watch all tv channels from Pakistan on your mobile if you are a zong customer For furture info read the following topic.

Watch TV on the go now with Zong Pocket TV service! Choose from a variety of both local and international channels, all streaming live right to you! Whether its rocking to the latest music, hooting for your favorite sports team, or just simply keeping up to date on the news and views from around the world, Zong Pocket TV service has it all!

Handset Compatibility and basic requirements for the service

  • Only EDGE supported handsets with a Streaming Media Player (supports H.264 codec + RSTP link) like Real Player will work with Zong Pocket TV service.

  • All Nokia handsets have a Built-in Real player application that plays Streaming links; subscriber has to set his/her edge settings of streaming player up to 84.42 kbps for using the Zong Pocket TV service.

  • Streaming player in Java OS phones such as Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, and LG will work with Zong Pocket TV service.

  • Windows OS phones such as Imate and HTC will also be able to use the service.

  • Android OS phones will also be able to use this service.

  • Old handsets that have streaming players that lack H.264 codec support will not be able to work with Zong Pocket TV service.

  • Apple OS phones/tablets will not work with Zong Pocket TV service.

To use the service

  • To use the service log on to the Zong Pocket TV URL http://pockettv.zong.com.pk in your phone's default browser.

  • The URL will open the Zong Pocket TV page on your phone where the channel list is displayed.

  • Clicking on any of the channel links will open the channel stream in the media player of

    your phone.

Product Price

The service is free in the introductory period and expires on the 1st of May.
Standard GPRS/EDGE Charges apply.


The service page will display mechanics of the regular service after the 15th April

If you have any complaints or problems please notify us by commenting

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