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CMB is special medical test conducted by PAF. Its held in Masroor Air Force Base Karachi. Air force has a hospital in the base where almost 3 to 4 days (working days) are spent by the candidates.

Upon reaching there you have to fill a few forms. There is a mess there for you. Here is the sequence of tests for GDP (they may very a bit, and for CAE and Non GD groups the tests might be a bit less tough and less in number)

1. Blood and urine test.

2. X Ray for chest.

3. ENT (Ear, DNS) Checkup by doctor

4. A test for ears in which they place a headphone on your ears and tell u that if u hear a beep in left or right ear then press respective button on a small panel.

4. Physical Exam (Height, weight, Chest measurements)

5. Surgical Exam

6. ECG

7. Heart beat Checkup by doctor

8. Then many tests of Eyes (ranging from Color blindness to check if there is any disease) Quite hectic and time consuming tests.

(I hope i havent missed anything). When you clear your CMB, you then go for Flying Aptitude test. It used to be in PAF selection center Karachi, but now it has been shifted to PAF selection center Rawalpindi.

MY Tips:

Normally this procedure goes 03-04days in some cases 05 might be taken but in very rare cases..

on ist day:first fill the forms then go for blood tests in which Hepatitus,AIDS,CP etc will be taken,Urine then Chest X-Rays..

on 2nd day:Your pulse rate checked,BP,ECG,ENT,Eye and Color Blind Book test

on 3rd Dayentist,Medical specialist and Surgical Specialist Will examine you..

then on 4th day fitness certificate will be in your hand inshALLAH! in some cases on 2nd or 3rd day surgical/medical specialist not available then it goes on 4th day..means order of test can be changed on availabilty of doctors.so keep in your mind 04 or 05days..


1.your teeth must be clean and clear from inner and outer side if not then clean from dentist..

2.clean vex from your ears if you do feel..

3.Read color blindness test away from the book as possible;if you read it from near then you might be confused.

 You will be stay in CMB Masroor Base in officers staying area;whereas Male candidates stay is in barraks..Your messing also alike an officer,residences are also near to CMB.

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Letter From CMB for medical at Masroor Base Karachi

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cmb test guidance and tips pakistan airforce

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