Knock-Knee problem for Pakistan Forces:

In the Initial Medical as well as Final Medical of Candidates for selection in PAKISAN ARMED FORCES knee knocking Candidates are not taken as 100% approprate for future training,although there is always a chance for selection by curing or Fixing Knee Knocking/Allign Knock Knees.


Fix KNEE_Knocking My idea is
first of all knee knocking isnot a very serious thing unless its extremely bad dats basically a lil deformity in legs.normal knee knocking it can be removed so not to worry too much about it just try to make it disappear as much as u can bfore u go for the test.

i am attaching a pic of how to place the pillows in between ur legs while u go to sleep


We are going to Cover:

  1. what is the knee knocking is it a disease?

  2. How to fix Knee Knocking?

  3. Knee Knocking in Pakistan Military Forces Medical?

  4. Is it Linked With Flat Foot?

  5. Important Tips During Medical Test

What is the knee knocking is it a disease?

Knock-knees are most commonly a normal stage of growth in young children, particularly between the ages of 3 and 5. Chances are your child's legs will straighten out by the time she's about 8 years old. Even if the trait is genetically inherited, her legs will probably continue to straighten out a good deal as she grows. Structural deformities are rare, but if you're concerned, point them out to your child's pediatrician.

It's not a disease it's just the way the legs formed. nothing you can do but learn how to compensate for it. my friends daughter is knock kneed. they didn't know til she started falling all over the place when she was young. she had to learn to walk a little differently but as she got older, it wasn't even there anymore. she's now a beautiful young woman with no trace of it.

How to fix Knee Knocking?

Main problem in Pakistan Forces Selection!
  1. Consult an army medical doctor first.(PAkistan Army Doctors are good)

  2. Leg braces are rarely used these days because most children grow out of knock-knees without any treatment. If your child's legs are still extremely curved after puberty (her feet are three or more inches apart when her knees touch), her doctor may recommend surgery. By fusing or placing pins in the "growth plates" at the ends of the leg bones, her surgeon can restrict her legs' growth in areas where it's been developing too quickly. This surgery requires general anesthesia and recovery takes a few weeks. Since your child is still growing, you can expect her legs to gradually return to normal after the surgery.

  3. I must Advise you to consult a doctor for better result for your selection in PMA,PAF and Pakistan Navy.

Knee Knocking in Pakistan Military Forces Medical?Training Problems with knock knees?

Knee Knock directly affect the training of soldiers in PMA,PAF and Navy academies.

Possible complications of knock knees include:

  1. Difficulty walking

  2. Self-esteem changes related to cosmetic appearance of knock knees

  3. If left untreated, knock knees can lead to early arthritis of the knee

Is it Linked With Flat Foot?

The answer is yes!

Important Tips During Medical Test For Pakistan Services selection!

  1. Go with Full Confidence.

  2. Wear Shoes Made for Pornators(suggested by Specialist) To help you Resolve the knock knee problem.

  3. Seek guide from medical Doctor.

  4. Caution! Donot walk on earth Bare footed.

I advice you to read this useful guide for better results by Wiki eHOW.

Wikipedia guide on how to Allign Knock Knees

Best Video Tricks link here Yoga help


Knee Knocking Problem is very common and candidates who want to get commision in army are oftenly rejected due to th knock-knee and flat foot problem.

I must advice you to pay full attention to your health and body physices.

                           And AT Last

          Selection in Pakistan Services as a Commissioned officer is an HONOR!

article:Knee Knocking Problem: Join Pakistan Services as a commissioned officer.

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