These tests are designed to check the metal level of candidate in ISSB.

They check the thinking of a candidate same like WAT(word association test,i will be adding these tests in later posts)


Here half of sentence is given and you have to complete the sentence the way you think is the right answer.

You have to give positive thinkings.

There are mostly 6 sentence completion tests handed to a candidate, 3 in Urdu and 3 in English, each has around 24 to 30 unfinished sentences and time given to complete each of the tests is 6 minutes.

                                         Sentence Completion Test No 1

1)he was alarmed whn___

2)he was undr pressure___

3)i cant undrstand why_____

4)in a fit of range,he___

5)he never tries of____

6)if u insult him___

7)in his childhood___

8)it z bad hbbit to____

9)it z v sldom tht he____

10)it z the high time tht___

11)i hv applied___

12)i always feel tht__

13)you may like__

14)he spread the rumour tht__

15)it z beyound my knowledge____

16)at last i h ope__

17)he objctd tht__

18)he objctd to___

19)in my toughts______

20)to support himslf___

21)he flt ashamed of ___

22)he addimitd tht____

23)whn the chief came____

24)handng knief in hand___

25)he is shy____

26)it seem as if___

 This is the first part of sentence completion test.The SC no 1.

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