Change The Background Of Your Facebook Login Page

Are you bored seeing same white screen every time you open Facebook login page. Do you want to replace it with something you would love to see? Any picture of your loved ones or anything you like. Today, I will share one Google Chrome Extension which will enable you to set any image as your Facebook Login Page Background.

 The plugin is called Facebook Refresh. Just follow the steps given below:
    1. Download Facebook Refresh extension and install it.
    2. After the plugin is installed. Restart your Browser.
    3. Go to extension page or just open this in your browser chrome://extensions/
    4. Select Option which will be listed under Facebook Refresh.

    1. Add the URL of image or path of image if you have the picture in your HDD.
    2. Save it.

Facebook Refresh Chrome Extension Page Change Your Background Of Your Facebook Login Page
  1. Open Facebook. Hurray! Background changed.
BY HaRis

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